Accurate Job Descriptions – an HR Essential

On the surface creating a job description may seem relatively simple. After all, just list the responsibilities the position will entail and the skills, education, and experience required to fulfill those responsibilities. Beneath the surface, however, there’s a lot more to it and taking the time to create an accurate description can be overwhelming and therefore, easy to shove aside to the “do later” pile. Failure to create that description will only come back to bite you later and here’s why.

A job description serves many purposes:

Employee Recruiting

  • Prepare those involved in the hiring process for a successful search, making the process easier and more efficient.
  • Get everyone involved on the same page
  • Enable HR to create specific notifications when a position needs to be filled
  • Ensure that you attract the right candidates

Employee Orientation and Training

  • They help both the new employee and his/her mentor/trainer understand exactly what is expected
  • They provide new hires with an overview of responsibilities and guidelines for performing them.
  • Helps the new employee establish goals and appropriate timelines for goal completion

Employee success.

  • Gives employees guidelines to follow and establishes performance standards
  • Helps track job performance goals and on-the- job progress
  • Encourages successful performance reviews – no hidden surprises

Classification and Compensation

  • Benchmarks positions, establishes standards and comparisons to other positions, creating equitable and appropriate compensation rates.
  • Enables accurate job classification

Legal compliance: In addition to everything listed above, an accurate job description establishes proof of compliance with legal requirements, such as EEOC guidelines, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

When you recognize the multiple roles a job description plays, it’s easy to recognize the importance of accuracy in the process. An accurate description not only clearly establishes the responsibilities and expectations of a specific position, but it also conveys the role that position plays in the big picture of the company’s mission. It creates your benchmark, provides a basis for hiring (and sometimes for terminating), and covers your back legally. Give your job descriptions the priority they deserve.

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