Career Building Blocks for 2017 – Part I

Whether 2017 finds you in a career funk or happy and satisfied, there is always room to grow professionally. The key is to uses the right building blocks. Today, we will talk about laying your foundation and building block number two. Come back to our blog next week for building blocks three and four.

The Foundation – Your Attitude

Face reality. The more positive and happy you are as a person, the more positive and happy you will be in everything you do – in work or play. A right attitude will increase your engagement with coworkers and superiors and improve your productivity. Focus on:

  • Gratefulness – whether you’re looking at the big picture or the tiniest of details,find something to give thanks for – every day. Make a practice of expressing your gratefulness to others. Give thanks wherever thanks are due – sincerely recognizing and appreciating the impact others have in your life – professionally and personally.
  • Positivity – sure, it’s easy to be positive when everything goes as planned, but what about when it doesn’t? When a bridge collapses, a plane crashes, etc. teams
    spend hours deciphering specific errors so they can build better the next time and prevent the same catastrophe. Apply this principle to your career. When things go south, learn from it and build your confidence for the future.
  • Curiosity – never stop learning. Read books. Listen to webinars. Attend conferences. Ask questions – and find the answers. You can’t grow in a stagnate pool.
  • Reflection – practice mindfulness. Set aside a few minutes every day for quiet meditation. It will help you solidify your priorities and clear out the mind clutter
    that gets in the way. It helps you stay calm, focused, and connected to your sense of purpose and vision.

Building Block #2 – Your Network

Networking is not a long list of names. It’s all about people, connections, and relationships. It’s more about giving than receiving.

  • Real People – build your network from the people you know in real life. Whether it’s a college friend from way back when, a teacher, a former colleague or boss, or someone you met at a seminar, build your network around people you know. Of course, sometimes it may be a friend of a friend – that’s great; just have an honest connection.
  • Cultivate Relationships – nurture your network. Build and strengthen your network through serving. Whether you’re posting relevant data or sending a pertinent article of interest to a few people, making that personal connection is crucial.
  • Find a mentor, and mentor others – it’s the optimal way to learn the intangible. Listening to the advice and encouragement of someone who’s been there, done that, can make a significant difference. Doing the same for someone else is fair payback.
  • Celebrate with your connections – show interest in their professional lives. Endorse their skills. Congratulate their achievements. Thank them for their impact on your shared industry. Sincere acknowledgments of others bring personal satisfaction – and that is enough, but it is also an investment in your career.

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Check back next week for the conclusion of Career Building Blocks for 2017

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