How the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Can Aid Your Job Search!

#1  Be Proactive

People are as responsible for their actions as they are for their reactions.  Instead of letting the process get you down, recognize your response, accept the reality of the situation and then move forward.

#2 Begin with the End in Mind

Before you begin a job search it’s critical to understand your goals for the process.  This will help you plan your approach more effectively and ensures you are taking steps that are based on reaching your ideal situation.

#3 Put First Things First

By managing your activities with purpose, crafting a good plan and organizing your time you can position yourself for success when finding a job.  Have I filled out all necessary documents for a company before my interview?  Did I proof read my resume and ask someone I trust to review it for spelling and grammar? Have I researched the company I am interviewing with to see what’s important in their culture?

#4 Think Win / Win

This habit involves shifting your perspective that relationships do not consist of one person winning and one person losing.  Winners and losers are for sports teams.  You want to work towards achieving results that are mutually beneficial, creating a positive atmosphere.

 #5 Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

By understanding the needs of others you can interact more effectively, you can see how you can help the company solve problems and succeed because they hired you.

#6 Synergize

During your interview, your objective should be to achieve a flow with the hiring manager.  This means not pushing your agenda alone but instead working to find that mutual peak where both parties feel heard and in tune with each other.

#7  Sharpen the Saw

The final habit is a classic piece of advice: Practice Makes Perfect!  Do a mock interview with your friend or significant other.  Try to prepare for your next interview by reviewing what you wish you did better on your last interview.  By repeating your efforts, your rate of success should improve.

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