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COVID-19 Resource Center

COVID-19: Resources for Our Community We understand the struggles our community is facing and want to do everything we can to help. We have gathered some useful resources to help guide our community during these uncertain [...]

How the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Can Aid Your Job Search!

#1  Be Proactive People are as responsible for their actions as they are for their reactions.  Instead of letting the process get you down, recognize your response, accept the reality of the situation and then [...]

The Ultimate New Hire Checklist

When you finally find your perfect candidate, it is time to start the preparations for their onboarding. There are quite a lot of smaller and bigger tasks that need to be arranged before the candidate [...]

Five Ways Staffing Companies Can Conquer the Skills Gap – Tempworks Software

The staffing and recruiting industry is dealing with an increasing gap between the skills that clients want to see their candidates possess and the skills that candidates already have in their toolbox. Balancing your client’s [...]

In Just 3 Words, LinkedIn’s CEO Taught a Brilliant Lesson in How to Find Great People |

At a recent conference, LinkedIn's chief executive explained how the company is looking for talent in non-traditional places. Source: In Just 3 Words, LinkedIn's CEO Taught a Brilliant Lesson in How to Find Great People [...]

Accurate Job Descriptions – an HR Essential

On the surface creating a job description may seem relatively simple. After all, just list the responsibilities the position will entail and the skills, education, and experience required to fulfill those responsibilities. Beneath the surface, [...]